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Would You Prefer All Cash, an Equity Line of Credit, or a Mix of Both?

  • Home Blueprint - Reverse Mortgage AlternativeA Jumbo Reverse Mortgage is specifically designed for owners of high-value homes.
  • If you’re 62 or older you can access even more of your current home’s equity as cash.
  • Giving you more control over your assets, investments, and retirement life.
  • Get more cash to pay off credit cards and reduce debt.
  • Use the cash to fund a more comfortable and secure retirement.
  • Should you be living better and with more money and more financial freedom

What are the Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Advantages?

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  • The number one advantage is you can get significantly more tax free CASH.
  • Larger loan amounts up to $3 million are available.
  • NO high up front or future FHA mortgage insurance premium costs, EVER.
  • Closing costs are around 80% lower than a FHA reverse mortgage. 
  • Pay off existing mortgage Liens. Enjoy NO monthly mortgage payments.
  • Benefit in general from more monthly cash flow.
  • Use your Jumbo reverse mortgage loan to buy a house or condo in an upscale area or active life style community.
  • Leveraging housing wealth can be a good hedge against market volatility.

You are in control.

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  • There are NO monthly payments, EVER.
  • It is just an interest only loan that is not due to be paid back until the last person on title sells, moves, or dies.
  • Use your loan proceeds any way you choose!
  • You pay your property tax and home owners insurance.
  • Home owners can choose to sell or pay back the loan at any time.
  • There is NO pre-payment penalty, EVER.
  • Safely rebalance from house rich, cash poor to a more balanced position.


What will happen when the last person on title dies?

  1. The loan immediately comes due.
  2. The heirs must promptly inform the customer service center about the death. 
  3. Heirs  must inform the customer service center what their intentions are
  4. 100% of the home goes to the heirs.
  5. It is very simple; there are only two choices.
  6. Heirs can choose to keep the home and pay off the current Jumbo reverse mortgage lien.
  7. Or they can choose to sell the home and pay off the current Jumbo reverse mortgage lien from the sale proceeds. The heirs keep all the sales proceeds after the Jumbo reverse mortgage lien is paid in full.
  8. In general, the heirs have around six months to settle the estate.

How do you get started and pre-qualify safely?

  1. Request your personalized Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Quote and information.
  2. Follow up with your questions by email and phone.
  3. Request a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Counseling Package which includes all the phone numbers to the approved counseling agencies.
  4. Make a phone counseling session appointment with a government and lender approved counselor. Cost is approximately $150.
  5. Once you have received your quote, got all your questions answered, and completed your counseling, we can then proceed.
  6. Next you’ll request the application paperwork package, and a Free Jumbo Reverse Mortgage appraisal.
  7. We will mail you the application and all the required government and lender disclosures filled out, highlighted, and ready to sign and date. We make this easy and safe!

Notes about the Process:

  • With rates low and demand high, the appraisers are working 7 days a week and still falling behind.
    [NOTE: Appraisers will practice social distancing for your safety.]
  • The complete process to close and fund during these unprecedented times is taking a little longer.
  • 45 to 60 days is the new normal, and sometimes even longer.

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